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The claimant, Miss Jolene Stanley, is not disabled for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010 and her complaint of direct disability discrimination is dismissed.

Jolene Stanley | Miss J Stanley v Serbus Ltd: 1306592/2020


Jolene Stanley – Employment Tribunal decision Following a baseless claim for unfair dismissal Serbus is delighted to announce that after a long 2 year battle all of Miss Jolene Stanley’s claims have been dismissed. Judgement The claimant is not disabled…

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Mobile Device Security for Enterprise

The UK Outlook on Mobile Security in 2022


For a while now, mobile security threats have been on the rise. There is a great deal more to be aware of in the present day, according to data from Kasperky; in 2014, they found 3.5 million pieces of malware…

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Outsourcing Server Management

Outsourcing Server Management – Is it a Good Idea for my Business?


Year on year, online threat to businesses has been on a monumental rise. No industry, government or organisation is exempt from today’s increasingly sophisticated threats. IT teams have been pushed and tested, in particular over the last two years where…

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2021 Cyber Defence Summary

Cyberthreat Defence Report 2021


2021 has seen a marked rise in online threat from criminal actors and cyber groups; sadly too, it’s also seen a huge jump in cyberattacks, the likes of which haven’t been seen in 6 years. As we begin to roundup…

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Mobile Device Threat Report 2021 – White Paper


This white paper considers the modern day vulnerabilities to remote workers, posed by insecure mobile devices. It covers mobile device risk, presumed security, resultant risks and the solution for mitigation. [download id=”12885″]

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IT Support Engineer - We are recruiting

Junior IT Support Engineer – Your exciting new career starts here


Junior IT Support Engineer Location: HerefordJob Type: PermanentSalary: £17,000.00 – £20,000.00Benefits: Pension + Holiday + Annual Performance Related Bonus About Serbus Serbus specialise in mobile device security.  We ensure that your mobile devices are secure, your teams are equipped with…

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Serbus Sponsor Hereford Triathlon Club

Serbus Sponsor Hereford Triathlon CLub


During a recent Hereford Triathlon Club weekend event, on a soggy, windy day, volunteers were observed diligently recording competitor timings on sheets of paper that were becoming victim of the turbulent UK weather. Serbus identified this problem and decided that…

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Pegasus Malware Spyware

Mobile Malware – Spyware in 2021


The threat posed by mobile malware has been on a sharp increase over the course of the last several years. The number of new malware variants for mobile has recently been attributed a 54% rise since 2018 alone. Typical mobile…

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Reality Check Road Sign

6 Mobile Device Security Myths


At a time when cyberattacks are flying at our devices left, right and centre, it can be easy to believe preconceived notions about the security of our mobile devices. That’s why today, Team Serbus dispels 6 of the most common…

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July 10000 Supporting Row Sentinel

This month, the Serbus team have a challenge


As a team, we love the odd incentive to get everybody up and about and enthused. Never more so than after the past year have we all needed a little something to keep us invigorated. Following the success of last…

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