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Black Friday Cyber Safe Digest

The Black Friday Digest – How to stay safe online this shopping weekend


This Friday marks the beginning of the year’s biggest shopping weekend. In 2019, 142.2 million people shopped online in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. With COVID causing national lockdown, shoppers are expected to avoid purchasing in-store, with 66%…

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Cyber Attack - The recovery

Cybersecurity Survival Series – Part III: Recovery


Don’t Panic! Following a breach incident, it’s important to take a breath and align your disaster recovery plan. Don’t begin rectifying straight away – your impulse will be to protect the endpoints targeted by the breach, or revert to previous…

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Cyberattack Survival Series Part 2

Cyberattack Survival Series: Part II – Attack


Your response to a cyberattack will naturally depend largely on the nature of attack. Depending on if your organisation has been hit with ransomware, or has fallen prey to a phishing scam, there are a number of key factors that…

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Cyber Attack Mitigation

Cyberattack Survival: Part 1 – Mitigate


The first part in our Cyberattack Survival series will detail some of the best ways to ensure your organisation mitigates its chances of being attacked in the first place, and will provide a bit more context around why these reasons…

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Serbus attend AWE 2020

Serbus attend AWE 2020


Despite restrictions resulting from COVID, Serbus was delighted to be able to make a break from the office to attend AWE20 last Wednesday. Throughout the whole experience we were inspired; in particular from the beginning where event organisers went the…

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

The Dangers of Privileged Access


Nearly 80% of all data breaches are the result of compromised privileged credentials. Of the IT leaders that formed that group of respondents, 74% admitted that it was as a result of privileged access credential abuse. It’s no secret that…

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Ransomware in 2020: UK and Global Threat Overview


The total cost of global ransomware attacks amounted to $345 million in 2015. Current global estimates for financial losses for 2021 via ransomware attacks is predicted to be in the region of a staggering $20 billion. To bring this down…

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Zak Kyriakou Joins Serbus

Zak Kyriakou, welcome to the team


This week at Serbus, we’re delighted to introduce you to the latest member of our support team, Zak Kyriakou. Fresh from completing his masters in computing from Cardiff University, Zak joins us as a first-line Technical Support Engineer, here to…

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Remote Working for Employees

4 Important Tips – Remote Working for Employees


It’s no secret that there has been a drastic uptake in the amount of companies now offering remote working for employees. What was already a slower adoption has now been forced by the circumstances of 2020, and businesses now find…

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Julia Wongphat - Procurement Assistant at Serbus

Julia Wongphat, welcome to the team


It’s busy-ness as usual at Serbus HQ, and this week we are delighted to introduce one of the latest members to join our team, Julia Wongphat! She has had a packed couple of weeks learning the basics and assimilating into…

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