Partners & Suppliers

Serbus work with industry leading partners to ensure we are always using the latest technology and tools.  Serbus take these tools and integrate them into our Serbus Secure platform to deliver a highly secure, fully managed system that provides a seamless user experience.


Shared situational awareness applications for professionals.

Airbox provides a comprehensive suite of Situational Awareness tools for both desktop PCs and mobile platforms.

Designed for planning, execution and after action review, Airbox software is trusted by Law Enforcement, Military, Special Forces, Search & Rescue, Fire and Medical Emergency Services around the world.

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Armour Comms

Armour Mobile provides all the functionality of consumer-grade apps but with considerably greater security

It provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments, sent/ received/read message status and the option for messages to automatically delete once read or after a set time.

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Cryptify Call provides end-to-end, encrypted, secure voice and messaging on managed and unmanaged BYOD and business devices running IOS and Android. It also runs on Windows PCs for use from offices or deployed operational control rooms.

Cryptify Call enables communication over existing mobile broadband and Wi-Fi networks and will run on a publicly hosted server or, for ultimate control, can be hosted at your own premises.

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Ultra Secure Browsing - Garrison’s technology isolates your endpoint from risky websites, remotely transforming all web content to a verifiably safe format.

Garrison SAVI® (Silicon Assured Video Isolation) delivers a truly isolated browser in an integrated, user-friendly experience.

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Since 1989, Getac has been providing rugged computing solutions for demanding professionals in extreme environments.

As one of the leading rugged computer providers, Getac offers extensive rugged computing product lines including laptops, tablets computers. Getac serves a wide range of vertical markets including military & defence, law enforcement, public safety, emergency services, utility, natural resources, oil and gas, telecommunications, transportation and industrial manufacturing.

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Instant Connect

Push-to-Talk. The Instant Connect Enterprise™ dynamic frontline communications platform provides seamless mission-based talk groups – connecting team members sharing tasks, workflows, and missions – for today’s fast-moving workforces. The software can provide voice and data services connecting any mix of mobile, radio, IP, and telephony devices.

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Mobile Iron

Mobile device management (MDM) is the foundation for a secure mobile enterprise.

MobileIron’s mobile device management (MDM) capabilities give you the fundamental visibility and IT controls needed to secure, manage, and monitor any corporate­ or employee­ owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business critical data.

A comprehensive way to quickly onboard and secure a vast range of employee devices coming into the enterprise.

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Secure, deploy and manage with Knox Suite

A complete suite of enterprise mobility solutions designed to keep your work phones, tablets, and wearables under IT control. So you can focus on your business.

Every Knox device is built from the hardware chip up to isolate, encrypt, and secure your data – including confidential files, credit card transactions, passwords, and health data – so you can protect everything you care about.

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