Securing the Remote Worker

Secure communication, mobile device security, secure hosting

Serbus Secure is a fully managed suite of secure communication, enterprise mobility and mobile device security tools.

We focus on security, leaving you to get on with your business.

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Why Serbus Secure?

Simply installing an end-to-end encrypted messaging app, such as WhatsApp, on your devices does not constitute mobile device security.

Mobile device security takes a centrally managed and multilayer approach.  Consideration should be given to:

Serbus specialise in mobile device security.  With Serbus Secure you can be sure that your devices are secure, your teams are equipped with the tools to work remotely and securely, and your fixed infrastructure will be protected from the threats of unmanaged and unprotected mobile devices.

Government Grade Secure Voice & Messaging

End-to-end encrypted voice & messaging, video conferencing and data sharing from your mobile phone, tablet or Windows PC.

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Centrally Managed Mobile Device Security

An enhanced level of mobile device security and protection.  Built in accordance with the National Cyber Security Centre guidance and best practice.

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On Premise, Hybrid, or Managed Servers

Your specific requirements will determine the optimal server technology, server location and security environment. Serbus build these factors into the bespoke design of every system we build.

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