Mobile Device Security

Safeguard your data and IP, protect business communication and ensure compliance

  • Secure voice calls, conferencing and messaging

  • Centrally managed, integrated and secured mobile devices

  • Access and share business data, remotely and securely

Secure Voice Calls with Serbus

Trusted by UK Government, MoD, world class brands and organisations of all sizes

Serbus is proud to be an industry leader in secure mobile solutions

Secure Voice and Messaging

At the heart of our systems is a secure voice & messaging application that provides secure voice calls, messaging, group messaging, file sharing, conferencing and screen cast/screen sharing.

The application is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is the UK’s independent authority on cyber security.

Secure voice calls & messaging is available on managed and unmanaged BYOD and business devices, running IOS, Android and Windows.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows

Enhanced Device Security

Serbus Secure

Building on secure voice and messaging, Serbus Secure provides an enhanced level of device security and management, built in accordance with best practice and following NCSC guidance.

Serbus Secure is a fully managed and integrated suite of mobile security tools built to enable secure communication between teams and access to essential business information whilst working remotely.

Enhanced Mobile Device Security

Getac Rugged Devices

Mobile Operations Centre

For many organisations the ability to manage, or conduct, operations from remote locations is critical.

In addition to our products running on IOS and Android mobile devices, the secure voice and messaging application also runs on Windows PC.

As a platinum partner with Getac UK, Serbus is able to configure and supply a wide range of bespoke, fully-rugged, laptops and tablets for use in remote and/or hostile environments.

The perfect solution for equipping your operations centres at home and abroad.


Yes. We consider the secure voice and messaging application to be the heart of every system.  We are very happy to support our customers in loading the application, setting up address books and distributing the crypto keys in a secure manner.