Secure Voice & Messaging

Government Grade end-to-end encryption

At the heart of our systems is a secure voice & messaging application. The application is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is the UK’s independent authority on cyber security.

Phone showing Armour Comms and Cryptify Logos

Key Features

  • Voice, messaging and video
  • Full conferencing facility (Audio, video & screen share)
  • Share images, documents and video files
  • Compatible on iOS, Android and Windows PC
  • Centrally managed address book
  • Press to talk (PTT)


  • Centrally managed (by Serbus or your organisation)
  • Absolute control of your cryptographic material
  • Monthly, over the air, crypto updates
  • Choice of server hosting locations (or host your own)
  • End-to-end encryption (between sender and recipient)
  • Independently certified
  • Closed communities / security domains (can be inter-connected)

Secure Comms Partners

We are pleased to offer Government grade secure voice and messaging, in association with our valued partners Armour Comms and Cryptify.

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