This month, the Serbus team have a challenge

As a team, we love the odd incentive to get everybody up and about and enthused. Never more so than after the past year have we all needed a little something to keep us invigorated.

July 10000 Supporting Row Sentinel

Following the success of last year’s 3 month challenge, where team members set a range of personal goals that included: learning Spanish, press-ups, running, healthy eating, feeding ourselves for £1 / day and producing no more than a small container of single use plastic in 3 months we have set a new 1 month challenge.

This month, in support of Ian Rivers / Row Sentinel solo, unsupported row across the North Atlantic, using only a sextant and the stars for navigation, the team have taken up the challenge of completing 10,000 reps of our chosen exercise throughout the course of July. That’s approximately 323 push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps, or squats per day.

Ian’s averaging 70 miles of rowing per day, and we want to show our support to his cause and chosen charities, the Special Air Service Regimental Association (SASRA) and St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford.

To donate, visit:

To learn more about Ian’s row and keep updated, you can visit the Row Sentinel website, or read our interview with him here.

Why are we doing it?

Aside from supporting Ian’s venture, we’ve recognised the challenges to mental wellbeing in the cybersecurity industry, particularly following the challenges of the past year.

The rise of cybersecurity related incidents has presented a sharp increase in levels of stress, burnout and negative mental health across numerous IT teams in industries of every type. The increase in data breaches has been shown to lead to PTSD and anxiety amongst information security professionals. The conversation is increasing in other industries around mental health awareness, and it’s our time to be active about it and support our teams with initiatives that can make a difference.