Case Study 1 - Commercial Insurance

The Client - A UK industry leader in commercial insurance.

The Brief - In 2018 our client came to us after their compliance and information security teams identified potential security weaknesses across particular job functions, in relation to the storage and transfer of customer data within the business and sending secure messages.

With the GDPR deadline fast-approaching, they enlisted Serbus to present a solution that would ensure full-compliancy when it came to their employees use of mobile devices throughout the business.

The Consultation

To better understand how the company functioned, what their current processes were, and how their people used mobile devices on a day-to-day basis, we went to meet with the client for half a day. This provided valuable insight for our project management team and established the understanding needed to create a bespoke Serbus Secure solution for our client.

Following our consultation, we presented our recommendations to the client which included a managed MDM, secure voice and messaging, secure browsing and a VPN for secure connectivity to business critical tools. The suite of products provided enhanced productivity for the employees and ensured compliance requirements were met across the entire mobile workforce.

We also set up a complimentary trial of key components of the Serbus Secure solution within a cross-section of their workforce. This afforded us the opportunity to demonstrate the effective integration of Serbus Secure and provided the client with preliminary insight into how the solution could be implemented within day-to-day business activity.

The Implementation

The initial trial lasted 10 working days with 20 devices. The client was very satisfied following the trial period, and asked us to scale up the project to 85 devices on a 12 month contract, with the Serbus support team managing the entire system, which included the MDM, crypto keys and key monthly updates.

Over the last 12 months the system has grown to 223 managed devices across both mobile devices and Windows desktops and additonal services have been added which are now hosted on-premise.  We have supported the client as the requirement has grown and provided training and support, as required, to their IT teams and end users.

The client can now conduct all calls securely, hold secure conferences, send secure messages, share files and access business tools whilst working from their mobile devices.

The Feedback

In a recent review with our account management team, the client reported the following:

“Since using Serbus Secure we have been so impressed with how simple and easy to use the product is and the ease of centrally managing the team's devices. Our employees have commented they now feel much more comfortable sending and receiving sensitive information from their mobile devices and also the high quality of the secure voice and video conferencing.”

Additionally, the client has told us that the implementation of Serbus Secure has improved productivity across their field-sales team, as the team no longer has to create protracted and inefficient ways of sending and receiving client data while on the road.

Case Study 2

A VC backed FinTech provider

In early 2020, one of the UK’s fastest-growing, London-based, FinTech companies approached us to assist in strengthening the safety of their information security.

In a highly-regulated industry, it was vital to our client that they ensure security and compliance when handling data within their organisation.  They also wanted to ensure that their mobile workforce were given the tools to communicate and transfer sensitive data securely when working remotely and from their mobile devices.

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Case Study 3

A fast-growing, innovative, UK pharmaceuticals company

In the Summer of 2019, our client came to us for assistance at the same time that they were bringing a new product to market.

The product itself was set to provide a radical and innovative edge to the industry.  Having been beaten to market with previous products, due to lapses in their company information security, they were keen to prevent further IP losses by tightening their communication systems and process.

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Case Study 4

Petrochemical Industry

In 2019 Serbus were approached by a top 20 national oil company (NOC) to assist them in hardening their communications in their upstream, midstream and downstream areas of operation.

As one of the major NOCs in the petroleum industry, the client was concerned about the ever-growing security threats to their refining and transportation operations. They contacted Serbus to find a way to ensure that their planning and communications during the transit of oil consignments would remain safe and secure.

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