Case Study 2 - FinTech

The Client - A VC backed FinTech provider with 4 years trading history, a senior leadership team of 8 executives and an account management team of 32.

The Brief - In early 2020, one of the UK’s fastest-growing, London-based, FinTech companies approached us to assist in strengthening the safety of their information security.

In a highly-regulated industry, it was vital to our client that they ensure security and compliance when handling data within their organisation.  They also wanted to ensure that their mobile workforce were given the tools to communicate and transfer sensitive data securely when working remotely and from their mobile devices.

The Consultation

We went to meet with the client for a half-day session to establish how the business operated from an internal communications perspective. Our consultation highlighted the nature of the information being held, sent and received by both the senior leadership and account management teams.

This afforded our project management team excellent insight that would allow them to create a custom Serbus Secure solution that would best protect our client, and ensure that their processes were compliant and in accordance with FCA regulations.

The Implementation

It was proposed and agreed that the client would start with 38 Serbus Secure configured iPhone 8 devices that would be used for business purposes only.  Two completely separate, secure domains were created; one for the senior leadership and one for the account management team.  Each domain was provided with secure voice, messaging and conferencing at the core of their systems.

Secure email was also implemented, along with Mobile Threat Defence and a secure VPN to ensure that devices remained safe and secure when users were working remotely, sending emails and browsing online.  The client’s system and devices were ordered, delivered, and operational in 20 business days.

In the light of working restrictions imposed as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, our client has since added more devices and an additional domain for their business operations team, to better ensure a safe, secure and compliant home-working situation for employees.

The Feedback

With a total count of 47 mobile devices operational and managed by the Serbus support team, our client has shared the following feedback on our service over recent months:

“After our initial meeting with Serbus we were very impressed with how quickly they put together such a detailed and thorough proposal that took into account our business needs."

“Serbus Secure is such a brilliant fit for our leadership team to communicate business critical information in a timely way when we are rarely in the same place.”

“We love the secure conferencing facility. We can now make important business decisions, host team meetings and share important data while everyone now needs to work from home.”

“Serbus support team has been really flexible and responsive whenever we have required to adapt the way we work or setting up new users.”

Case Study 1

A UK industry leader in commercial insurance

In 2018 our client came to us after their compliance and information security teams identified potential security weaknesses across particular job functions, in relation to the storage and transfer of customer data within the business.

With the GDPR deadline fast-approaching, they enlisted Serbus to present a solution that would ensure full-compliancy when it came to their employees use of mobile devices throughout the business.

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Case Study 3

A fast-growing, innovative, UK pharmaceuticals company

In the Summer of 2019, our client came to us for assistance at the same time that they were bringing a new product to market.

The product itself was set to provide a radical and innovative edge to the industry.  Having been beaten to market with previous products, due to lapses in their company information security, they were keen to prevent further IP losses by tightening their communication systems and process.

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Case Study 4

Petrochemical Industry

In 2019 Serbus were approached by a top 20 national oil company (NOC) to assist them in hardening their communications in their upstream, midstream and downstream areas of operation.

As one of the major NOCs in the petroleum industry, the client was concerned about the ever-growing security threats to their refining and transportation operations. They contacted Serbus to find a way to ensure that their planning and communications during the transit of oil consignments would remain safe and secure.

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