Case Study 3 - Pharmaceutical

The Client - A fast-growing, innovative, UK pharmaceuticals company.

Established 5 years ago and now operating with 30 staff across two sites, with a recent turnover of £35 million.

The Brief - In the Summer of 2019, our client came to us for assistance to communicate securely at the same time that they were bringing a new product to market.

The product itself was set to provide a radical and innovative edge to the industry.  Having been beaten to market with previous products, due to lapses in their company information security, they were keen to prevent further IP losses by tightening their communication systems and process.

The Consultation

We met with the client and were quickly able to ascertain that their IP could be potentially compromised through the sharing of critical data between employees. Their product was being designed, tested and developed across two company sites, between multiple teams, and was therefore a key target for industrial espionage.

Off the back of our meeting, having ascertained the client’s needs, our experts designed and implemented a Serbus Secure system that gave the client a centrally managed MDM, secure voice and messaging, group messaging, secure conferencing, mobile threat defence and a mobile VPN.

To ensure data remained securely on their site, we built a bespoke on-premise system that would enable our client’s research, design and operations teams to collaborate and communicate securely.

The Implementation

The client was provided with their brand-new, Serbus Secure iPhone 8 devices; 18 in total to span 3 teams. A secure mobile VPN provided additional security when using the IOS and Android applications; strengthening the devices against malicious targetted and untargetted attacks.

Secure voice and messaging provided the teams with instant secure voice calls, secure messaging and secure conference calls to conduct their day-to-day work safely and securely.

Secure conferencing gave the teams the ability to hold project meetings without the risk of cyber attacks that are all-too common with other mainstream video conference platforms. We federated the 3 domains to allow different parts of the business to communicate both within their own teams and the wider company. A gateway was also installed at the client’s telephone exchange in order to provide mobile devices the ability to directly and securely communicate with landlines.

The MDM gave their IT team the ability to only allow white-listed applications to be installed on their mobile devices, again reducing potential attack vectors and the potential for accidental information loss. Also, mobile threat defence actively scanned for threats to mobile security via apps or external hardware, eradicating any chance of successful industrial espionage attempts and subsequent loss of IP.

The Feedback

In a recent report from the client to our account management team regarding their experience of Serbus Secure solution and of our service, they said:

“From reaching out to Serbus, to having a secure communication system in place was a surprisingly fast process. Their project management and engineering were amazing from start to finish.  Their attention to detail and interest in knowing our needs as a pharmaceuticals business was impressive to see."

"The secure voice and messaging application is so easy to use and has such strong call quality that we now use it as our primary way to communicate across our business."

"Serbus Secure gave us the ability to get our new product to market without the fear of losing our IP to a rival company. This meant we could spend extra time refining the quality of the product in the knowledge we didn’t have to rush it to market.”

Case Study 1

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Petrochemical Industry

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