Secure Mobility with Serbus SecureSERBUS SECURETM

Mission critical tools delivered securely to your remote workers.

The requirement for secure multimedia communications exists across a variety of sectors including central government, public safety, financial services, legal, healthcare, power and other critical national infrastructure.

Serbus SecureTM is a fully managed suite of tools, built around Serbus CoreTM, that enables individuals and teams to securely access essential business tools, whilst working remotely.

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Serbus Secure is built on secure foundations, using best practice:

  • Member of Secure Chorus
  • Built by a List-X company with security cleared personnel
  • Built following NCSC recommended systems architecture
  • Offline Key Management (CMS & Root CA)
  • System infrastructure is physically protected
  • Hardened Linux operating system
  • CPA products where possible
  • Latest cryptographic algorithms
  • Boundary monitoring & intrusion protection
Key Functionality
Optional Components

How We Do It

Every organisation is unique and therefore every Serbus Secure delivery is bespoke.  In order to ensure that our capability delivers a truly integrated Secure Mobility capability we take a three stage approach to each delivery:

Stage 01

Serbus will work with you to identify your specific requirements, including:

  • Scale of mobile workforce
  • Working practices and aspirations
  • Business critical tools
  • Key applications
  • Secure voice & messaging requirements
  • Ongoing support requirements
  • Device and operating system preferences

Stage 02

Serbus conduct a review of your organisations existing IT infrastructure to identify key integration points, that may include:

  • Custom business applications using any transport protocol to customer service
  • CMIS and SMB/CIFS/AFP compliant content library access
  • LDAP compliant directory access for user management
  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) email, contacts, calendar, notes

Stage 03

Serbus build and deliver your fully functional  Serbus Secure platform, which will include:

  • Enrolment of all mobile devices into the management platform
  • Integration of all key capabilities to be shared between the organisation and the mobile workforce
  • Transition training (if required)
  • Implementation of the agreed Service Support package

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