Julia Wongphat, welcome to the team

Julia Wongphat - Procurement Assistant at Serbus

It’s busy-ness as usual at Serbus HQ, and this week we are delighted to introduce one of the latest members to join our team, Julia Wongphat! She has had a packed couple of weeks learning the basics and assimilating into the team, so we took a quick coffee break to relax and get to know a bit more about her.

Julia Wongphat - Procurement Assistant at Serbus
Julia Wongphat – Procurement Assistant at Serbus


With around two years in purchasing, Julia joins us as our new Procurement Administrator. She moved from Thailand to the UK around 10 years ago, and when she’s not at work she’s enjoying travelling about the countryside via long walks or runs, or playing tennis at her local club. Her role at Serbus means she is responsible for purchasing customer products, ensuring that they come in on time, and are then tracked and delivered promptly and safely to our clients.

Why hello Julia, welcome to the team! It’s great to have you on board.

You’ve joined us in a new role, but how did you first get into procurement as a career?

For much of my working life I have been focused on customer service, a large majority of which has been within the retail sector. I was always fascinated by the processes of how products were selected and brought into store, so I began doing further study and research into the responsibilities on the buying side of things. It was my own self-started research that first got me into an entry level position in procurement which, over the last couple of years, has allowed me to accumulate more experience in the role.

Who is an influential figure to you?

It’s got to be David Attenborough. I’m a big lover of animals and wildlife and am a very outdoorsy person. I really love and support the way that he educates on nature, the environment and our eco-system, and the importance of looking after it.

What are you most enjoying about working at Serbus?

My recruiter was the one that put me in line for this opportunity with Serbus and said how they were a lovely group of people to work with. Since joining the team, I understand that she actually downplayed that element! From the get-go everyone has been so welcoming, helpful and friendly. It really makes it lovely coming into work everyday.

(And to echo Cam’s response, our trips for lunch to the butchers on a Friday are a particular highlight of the week!)

And lastly – our favourite question! What’s your favourite tool available in Serbus Secure?

The enhanced security provided for applications on mobiles. You always read the odd news story about how unsafe some phone applications can be, but joining Serbus and realising the risk posed to your own device, personal or work, if an unsafe app is downloaded to it is really alarming. It’s really interesting to see and understand how Serbus layers in extra safety to apps to ensure a really high level of security to user data and operating systems.

We’re thrilled to have Julia with us. For any questions about Serbus, who we are and what we do, please get in touch. You can do so via email on info@serbusgroup.com or call our office on +44(0)1432 870 879.