Congratulations to Cameron King on your promotion to Support Engineer

Cameron - Congratulations on your promotion with Serbus

This week we are thrilled to announce the promotion of our trainee Cameron King, to a Serbus Support Engineer.

Cameron - Congratulations on your promotion with Serbus
Cameron – Congratulations on your promotion with Serbus

The youngest member of our team, 19-year-old Cameron, has been with us for 6 months now.  Over that time Cameron has shown impressive growth and performance, alongside excellent customer service to our clients, when supporting them with any technical troubleshooting queries that come our way. In his free time Cameron enjoys the usual teen pursuits of hanging with his mates, and over lockdown has recently discovered a new hobby of badminton.

We sat down for a virtual chat with Cameron to reflect on the past half a year with us, and explore his thoughts, feelings and future next steps.

Hi Cameron, firstly congratulations on the promotion! We’re impressed with your achievements in the Serbus team over the past 6 months. Can you give us an overview of your day today?

Thanks very much! Sure.  So as a Support Engineer for Serbus, I’m the first port-of-call for any customer technical service. The first part of my day will begin with morning checks to make sure the systems are working perfectly and looking for any issues that may have come in from our clients overnight. Following that I have a list of jobs to complete for the day and am on standby with our clients should they call or email in with a problem, which I’ll be on hand to assist with ASAP.

Because of lockdown, recently my days have been busier, and I’ve learnt so much! I’ve been lucky when a more difficult query comes in, as I’ve been able to work and learn with my senior support engineers to help troubleshoot the issues.

That sounds great Cam. What was it that inspired you to train to be a support engineer in the first place, and what are you hoping to achieve next?

I’ve always been into computers and tech. At home when something goes wrong with the internet or computer, for example, my mum will call me and say, “Cameron do this!” I’ve always known that I wanted to work in IT, so I went to college to study it and then discovered the opportunity to advance my knowledge working with Serbus.

Even though it’s only been 6 months, I’ve loved working with Serbus and want to continue progressing through the company, gaining more skills and knowledge. I want to progress to become a 3rd line engineer and then go on to specialise in an area, although at the moment I’m a bit of an open book and not sure what I’d like to specialise in.

We are excited to see you progress further. What’s your favourite bit about working with us and what feature do you like the best in Serbus Secure?

I really enjoy that we’re not a huge company: we’re a group of like-minded people (I would say friends) that are always here to help each other out. Also, every Friday we get lunch together from our local butchers, with one person bringing back 12, or so,  bacon or sausage and egg baguettes for team – it’s a great vibe.

I would probably have to say that my favourite Serbus Secure feature is being able to modify an entire fleet of devices from a central point.  It is amazing think that we can literally push out new applications, remove applications or make other changes and the user will be none the wiser until they need something and suddenly it is there, ready to use.  It’s pretty neat.

Two great answers there! Lastly, before you get back to your afternoon tasks, what advice would you give to an 8-year-old Cameron King?

If you find something that you’re passionate about, keep doing it, and spend more time learning about it.

For any questions about Serbus, who we are and what we do, please get in touch. You can do so via email on or call our office on +44(0)1432 870 879.