Cryptify Call with Screen Cast

Screen Cast for conference calls

In addition to Cryptify’s Government grade secure voice and messaging, Screen Cast provides enhanced functionality, productivity  and usability.

Screen Cast enables any participant, when  in a Cryptify Call conference, to share the content of their active page with all other participants in the call.

Host a PowerPoint presentation, discuss a document or share a design idea in a secure Cryptify conference call

Key Features

  • Screen share presentations, documents, images etc.
  • Multiple simultaneous participants.
  • Cross platform support. IOS, Android, Windows PC
  • Allows screen sharing to assist with remote support.

Enhanced Device Security

Serbus Secure

Building on secure voice and messaging, Serbus Secure provides an enhanced level of device security and management, built in accordance with best practice and following NCSC guidance.

Serbus Secure is a fully managed and integrated suite of mobile security tools built to enable secure communication between teams and access to essential business information whilst working remotely.

Enhanced Mobile Device Security