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WhatsApp for business

WhatsApp for Business – Looks great, it’s free, so why not…?


WhatsApp for Business? This article looks at “WhatsApp for Business” and provides additional considerations. WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform messaging and Voice over…

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Secure Chorus launches its Thought Leadership Platform

Serbus is pleased to have moderated the NHS requirements session at the Secure Chorus Thought Leadership Platform


Secure Chorus launches its Thought Leadership Platform 6 July 2018: Cyber security not-for-profit membership organisation, Secure Chorus has announced today the launch of its Thought…

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ways to improve the secure mobility

5 Ways to improve the secure mobility of your remote workforce


5 Ways to improve the secure mobility of your remote workforce The human factor remains the weakest link when it comes to secure communications in…

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Mobile Security

Mobile Security – Six Key Questions


Six questions to ask yourself? By 2020, the volume of global internet traffic is expected to be 95 times that of 2005, and connected devices…

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NCSC join Secure Chorus

NCSC join Secure Chorus in supporting industry drive towards common standard for secure communication


NCSC join Secure Chorus, a not-for-profit common standards membership organisation Membership underlines support for common standards for enterprise secure communication Much needed public-private collaboration forum…

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GDPR White Paper

Secure Chorus – GDPR White Paper


GDPR White Paper – Open standards for secure processing of personal data within the security perimeters of an organisation and beyond. The GDPR will take direct…

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Secure Chorus

Major operators join Secure Chorus to develop interoperable communications


Original Created by NCSC: 15 Feb 2016 Updated: 18 Feb 2016 About Secure Chorus ‘Secure Chorus’ group will promote the development of secure communication technologies…

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