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CONDO Training

Our courses are delivered by our highly experienced, professionally indemnified, instructors from our training facility in Herefordshire and include:

  • 3-day CONDO course, including a certified medical course
  • 1-Day CONDO course (Middle East and Africa)
  • 1-day CONDO refresher course

Course content is delivered in accordance with DEF STAN 05-129 and includes:

  • Module 1 - CONDO Organisation and Responsibilities
  • Module 2 - Operations Brief
  • Module 3 – Medical
  • Module 4 - Basic Safety and Security Procedures
  • Module 5 - Life Support
  • Module 6 - Threat Awareness
  • Module 7 - Administration, Welfare and Discipline
  • Module 8 – Use of MOD Provided Transportation
  • Module 9 – Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) and Memoranda of Understanding, (MOU) issues
  • Module 10 – Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Personal Protection

Upon successful completion of the CONDO training a certificate and individual report will be issued, which will provide the ability to sign off the CONDO Form 2.  This certificate will be valid for a period of 12 months from the course date.

Course Dates

Serbus has scheduled courses running every month, however we also deliver the CONDO training on an as required basis.  We adopt this flexible model as we understand the pressure companies are often under to finalise the pre-deployment activities required in order to deploy a CONDO.


"Having attended 2 previous CONDO training courses I found this one to be the best by far" - Aspen Healthcare Solutions

"The instruction was particularly well received and managed to get a real depth and clarity of information over in a short time that has left my technicians very well prepared for the upcoming task" - Minewolf

"I would enthusiastically recommend this course" - Student Feedback

"The course prepared me for the domain, the reality of what I could encounter and made me think about the deployment. Medical understanding went from zero to confident in critical injury situations" - Student Feedback

"What an amazing course" - Student Feedback

"Now good to go, with more than just going through the motions. Medical also gave exactly what you need to know to be confident" - Student Feedback


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