Screen Share. How secure is it?

Cryptify Call with Screen Cast or Screen Share

The often taken-for-granted tool of screen sharing within conference apps is undeniably becoming an evermore utilised asset for business working. But just how safe and secure is it?

The use of conferencing applications within the workplace has risen exponentially over the past few years, and not just because of the global pandemic situation. Now, more than ever, we are speaking with our work colleagues from home or other sites, whilst sharing data or documents simultaneously.

Cryptify Call with Screen Cast or Screen Share
Secure Conference Call, with Screen Cast/Screen Share

Most recently, a major player on the conference application scene has been slapped heavily on the wrist for false claims that its communications software is end-to-end encrypted. In light of the rise in employee home-working, this has left conferences open and vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals targeting data to sell on the dark web. 

It is uncommon knowledge that the screen share tool that many businesses utilise to share or discuss essential company data or IP within these apps is, more often than not, insecure. 

Any documents, confidential information, company reports, are thereby at risk of capture by potential cyber criminals or APT Groups. When sharing any data or IP, it is vital for companies and organisations to keep in mind what could happen if they were compromised in this way, and what effective defence tools they have in place to help mitigate those events.

It is the case with some of the key players in the conferencing game (not to be named) that their screen cast / screen share features will continue to breach security and privacy even after the conference has ended.

Often, once the person who began to share their screen terminates the call, the desktop-sharing tool continues. Unless the sharer notices the often tiny warnings to turn off the sharing, any important information, emails, spreadsheets etc. is now compromised; any breach from a cyber criminal now has a direct route to that data.

In the context of our global pandemic, home-working situation, where many of these key conferencing players are experiencing up to 535% more hacks than before, there is an extremely heightened risk when it comes to sharing your data and your organisation’s data on a conference, insecurely. 

At Serbus, we provide enterprise and world class brands alike with government-grade secure voice and messaging functions, inclusive of a secure screen cast / screen sharing feature. 

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