Major operators join Secure Chorus to develop interoperable communications

Original Created by NCSC: 15 Feb 2016

Updated: 18 Feb 2016

About Secure Chorus

‘Secure Chorus’ group will promote the development of secure communication technologies for enterprise and government.

The Secure Chorus Group was announced to support and promote interoperable, secure communications for enterprise and government. Secure Chorus is an independent, not-for-profit group with founding members including Armour Communications, BT, CESG, Cryptify, Cyber Y, Finmeccanica, Metaswitch, Samsung, SQR Systems and Vodafone1. Further members will be announced soon.

Secure Chorus promote the development and uptake of secure communication technologies for enterprise and government through open standards and ecosystem development. The group concentrate on building an ecosystem which will allow scalable secure communications that will work cross-platform, cross-vendor and cross-network. Through open standards and cooperation, the group intends to transform the market from providing small islands of proprietary security to providing a vibrant security ecosystem supporting diverse cross sector use-cases.

“Communications should never limit us,” said Elisabetta Zaccaria, Ambassador for Secure Chorus, and founder & CEO of Cyber Y. “Today more than ever, world-class organisations need to communicate with each other simply and securely. Enterprises need the confidence to know that their communication security solution won’t result in isolation and vendor lock-in, but allow connectivity at the highest levels of security. We are delighted to have helped bring together key industry players with the common goal of driving standardisation and interoperability. These companies have the vision to collaborate to create enterprise-ready platforms while competing to create a dynamic market.”

“The reality is that the secure communications market is a highly diverse one,” said Simon Parr, former Chief Constable and lead for ICT in UK policing. “Sectors such as finance, health, government, energy and emergency services all require secure communication solutions where they have absolute control over access to their communications. However, these same companies also need to communicate securely across different sectors. Most successful communication technologies have been founded on open standards and interoperability and in the security industry open standards are essential to build transparency and assurance. The Secure Chorus Group is the ideal vehicle for driving this process.”

1 Serbus Ltd is a founding member of the Secure Chorus Group

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