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Remote Working for Employees

4 Important Tips – Remote Working for Employees


It’s no secret that there has been a drastic uptake in the amount of companies now offering remote working for employees. What was already a…

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Garmin Cyber Attack

Cyber attack on Garmin: Lessons to be learnt


On July 27, technology giant Garmin announced a cyber attack that occurred around 4 days earlier. The outward effects of the cyber attack primarily affected…

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Cyber risk resulting from COVID-19 remote worker changes

‘When the World Stayed Home’ – Report on Threat and Key Takeaways for Businesses


The coronavirus outbreak brought challenges to all when officially declared as a global pandemic by WHO in January. Individuals and businesses alike wrestled with the…

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The Offside Trap – Cyber Threat in Sport


The latest event in accordance with the rising cyber threat in sport came to light last week in the news. A £1 million, overseas transfer…

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High Risk Applications can be a danger to your business

High Risk Applications: what are they and how are they a danger to your business?


The global controversy of late that surrounds the TikTok app is a great example for IT professionals, employees and CEOs alike, to be able to…

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Cyber Espionage

The Real Threat of Cyber Espionage


For many industries, the level of threat from cyberattacks with an espionage focus can seem relatively small, however that is by no means a reason…

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Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry

Cyber security in the Healthcare Industry


COVID, Threat Increase & Development: Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry The coronavirus pandemic has put an immense amount of stress upon health services across…

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Cyber Security in the Insurance Industry

Cyber Security in the Insurance Industry


Risk, Management & Strategy. Foresite’s ‘State of Cybersecurity’ report has recently discovered the top 5 most targeted industries for cyber attacks. At the top spot…

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8 Tips for secure home working

8 Tips for secure home working


Even before the dreaded C word descended upon the globe, businesses were warming to a more flexible home or remote working situation for employees. Fast…

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Serbus Cyber Lessons

THREE Cyber Incidents to Learn From Over the Last 6 Months


The rise in cyber incidents has increased dramatically over the last few months in the wake of the global pandemic. Businesses big and small continue…

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Enhanced Device Security

Serbus Secure

Building on secure voice and messaging, Serbus Secure provides an enhanced level of device security and management, built in accordance with best practice and following NCSC guidance.

Serbus Secure is a fully managed and integrated suite of mobile security tools built to enable secure communication between teams and access to essential business information whilst working remotely.

Enhanced Mobile Device Security