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Unsupported Laptops

UK Cybersecurity Breaches: from 2020 to Now


It’s been a busy year for the online world of work. At the beginning of the UK lockdown last March, the majority of organisations were…

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How secure is Clubhouse

How secure is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse, the latest popular social networking app to grace the Apple store. Launched in April 2020, Clubhouse is an exclusive invitation-only app that allows its…

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‘How secure is…?’ The top Google search questions – answered.


On average there are 40,000 searches per second on Google. Interestingly, the highest ranked question that users ask is ‘what is my IP’ totalling a…

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How secure is my VPN?

VPN Use in 2021 – How Secure is my VPN?


In the first half of 2018, there were 150 million attacks on mobile devices (VPN Geeks). A shift to remote working and the use of…

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Employee Negligence, Remote Working and Data Security

Employee Negligence, Remote Working and Data Security


The recent attack on SolarWinds has been enough to prove that negligence remains one of the key causes in major breach incidents in our modern-day…

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BYOD Considerations

Making a Decision on BYOD


With many teams forced to adapt to remote ways of working, so too have the IT teams that defend networks and company data from outside…

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WhatsApp New Terms and Conditions

WhatsApp – what do the new changes mean?


WhatsApp has been on a long journey since its conception by founders Jan Kaoum and Brian Acton back in 2008. In the original version, all…

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IT Predictions 2021

IT Predictions for 2021


You can’t argue that 2020 has been an active and busy year for the cyber community. If we are to cast ourselves back to this…

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2020 Cyber Incidents

12 Big Cyber Incidents of 2020


It’s no secret that 2020 has brought more than its fair share of troubling events. From the offset, the first half of the year saw…

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Black Friday Cyber Safe Digest

The Black Friday Digest – How to stay safe online this shopping weekend


This Friday marks the beginning of the year’s biggest shopping weekend. In 2019, 142.2 million people shopped online in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday…

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Enhanced Device Security

Serbus Secure

Building on secure voice and messaging, Serbus Secure provides an enhanced level of device security and management, built in accordance with best practice and following NCSC guidance.

Serbus Secure is a fully managed and integrated suite of mobile security tools built to enable secure communication between teams and access to essential business information whilst working remotely.

Enhanced Mobile Device Security