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Armour Comms solutions are intuitive and easy to use, and are downloadable from the app stores for iOS and Android devices. Also available are PBX and Skype for Business integrations so that landlines and IP/desk phones can be connected and part of the secure communications platform.

Armour Comms provide a highly scalable, secure cloud-based service, or can provide an on-premises solution, for ultimate control and privacy of your communications and meta data.


Armour Comm's flagship product, Armour Mobile provides all the functionality of consumer-grade apps but with considerably greater security. Most importantly Armour Mobile protects not only the content of communications, but also the associated meta-data. This means no-one even knows you are having a conversation, let alone what that conversation is about.

Armour Mobile provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments and sent/ received/read message status.

Armour Mobile prevents mobile communications whether voice, text, video or conference from being intercepted by devices such as IMSI catchers, or hacks using the SS7 protocol and others. It enables secure collaboration between trusted colleagues when discussing commercially sensitive information such as corporate intellectual property, financial transactions, and customer details. Armour Samsung Mobile provides an extra layer of hardware security using Samsung Knox.

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